Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Justice denied. . .1984. Unanswered questions.

Once i thought to write an article on 1984 genocide of sikhs but i have, time and again, restrained myself, as the article would forewarn the culprits because my reference to various aspects of case may lead to destruction of remaining relevant records. Here r questions, that remain unanswered.
1. Official telex msg sent at 11am on31.10.84 to embassies abroad said,"two sikh guards n clean shaven"as assasins of indira gandhi, who was clean shaven.
2.why was large no of sikh police personnel taken off duty, and sent to barracks on 31oct.
3.tytler was identifiable man who was shown on doordarshan throughout oct31 n nov1 shouting "khoon ka badla khoon"
4.what happened at meeting in PM rajiv gandhi's house on evening of oct31, who attended the meeting, where r records?
5.senior police officers were called for meeting at H.K.L Bhagat's house on late oct31, wot was purpose of meeting?
6.was any inquiry held into deployment of Dtu drivers for ferying rioters from place to place in official buses to which fact reference was made in press?
7.why did police take away even kirpans of sikhs (violating their right to defend themselves)
8.how was it that all delhi police stations adopted patiently illegal method of not recording separate reports of separate compliants but compressed all reports as a single case of riot in area?
9.when at 12.23pm on 1.11.84 a wireless msg from east dist.central police room(office of Dcp sewa das)was received by sho kalyanpuri(surbir singh) to effect that people had set gurdwara to fire, why was msg confined to sending to fire brigade and why police was not sent to arrest people roaming in curfew with petrol cans
10.in spite of details of wholesale killings of sikhs reaching highest quarters by late nov1 why no preventive measures were taken.
11.why n by whom was request of commissioner of police to call army put down n postponed.
12.why did govt officials not refute the statement made by congress leader dharam das shastri in police station, that police should not arrest the people who resorted to violence as they were not criminals but respectable persons.
13.when addl. Commissioner of police ved marwah, started inquiry into conduct of erring police officers, why was he not allowed to continue inquiry and make his report.
14.what has happened to notes of true statements made before ved marwah
15. When army units from meerut side reached borders of delhi, and it was found that unit had some companies of sikhs, they were stopped from being deployed. Who ordered this and why.
16. How is it that when their substitutes were called from elsewhere, there was no sikh unit therein? I have given here an indication so that in case of fresh inquiry, these unanswered questions be asked again and again.

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