Thursday, June 24, 2010

Windows 7ultimate Vs Linux.. . Reality revealed.

The question,"who will crush whom?" finally got its answers today when i was not even looking for it.
Back there in college, me and my friends were always proud of linux as an Os, we ve had many discussions, but v really never knew details of either, linux or windows.
I remember having spent some time installing f3dora once and my friends muzamil and tyab ve had their experiences with solaris n ubuntu as well so i am not new to how linux looks like! V hd 1hr guest lecture by hp professionals about 'where windows actually stands'.
I will try to reduce the use of technical terms as much as possible. Crux of 1hr was that windows7 stands nowhere when it comes to comparison with linux giants.
Windows7 uses minwin kernel, that all windows os's use. It is no doubt way better den win vista sp1. Windows7made good friends with xp users, but what we are really seeing is that windows users are just thrilled that it is not total waste of bytes as vista was. Now our point is that just cuz windows7 saves bytes, it in no way shows in its architecture, cuz it not only looks like vista but amazingly works like it as well.
Linux trio of f3dora, ubuntu and open SUSE shows its continuing to increase performance and add new features every month. Linux remains far more secure and stable than any windows version ever was.
Windows7 has its ups like it installs easily, has simpler config, and greater availability of software support, but before u smile that it is winning, consider this, linux and its software are mindlessly easy to install, and as far as software choice is concerned, come on, linux has too many programs to choose from, you name it and you ve half dozen decent choices in linux.
On a lighter note, one point is agreeable that linux doesnt come with flashy games pre installed, i wonder how many of us play those:-)
windows7 uses power shell, thank God! Microsoft finally realised that shell is darn handy for system administrator.linux has been using power shell ever since its birth at BSD.
Finally a point that windows7 people boast off, is that it uses,UAC(user account control), no doubt it is better in 7 than vista but still 3 to 4 generations behind linux.
Windows 7is just warmed over vista, it is really nice to know that good os like vista did not go into trash and is reusable now in the form of 7.
However in spite of all this, it is fairly true that linux cant crush windows7 cuz it is married to too many people, but everyone knows linux is future of desktop.
Windows7 users are unimaginably higher than linux users but hey linux fans note that cockroaches are far numerous than humans and numbers alone do not denote higher life form. . Isnt it??
I hope i ve not offended anyone, all suggestions and comments are welcome!

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