Monday, July 19, 2010

The imminent and sad demise of .net technologies!!

This topic has been quite in limelight among us all as to what is actually the better of two technologies, is it java or .net. The reason i am discussing this is cuz i stand alone in my class who has worked on java technologies and rest all had their interests in microsoft based .net. As they say the debate that air is more important or water has no relevance to fish, it is going to live in water anyway, same way with over 70% microsoft users, my points are useless.
I do not know if i am goin to regret my decision of opting for java or not but there are certain things in which java is certainly better than .net. Here i am presenting some important points with little explanation. Please do contact if any point is not clear or wrong, please do correct me, i am putting things as i ve been taught and as i ve researched a bit. . ,
1. Java applications run on multiple platforms from smallest devices to large mainframes. It runs on platforms ranging from smart cards, embedded systems, cellphones, servers(both mainframe as well as non stop)! .Net doesn, infact it is advised not to use .net applications in real time situations, they HANg UP on you like WINDOWS!
2. Java IDE'S are superior in their support for coding tasks, features like code refactoring, intention action(which .net copied and presented it as intelli sense), superior code browsing with built in code and class browser and robust automatic code completion. I wonder how many features has microsoft copied till now and added to its another new version ie beta 10VS. D argument that java copied it from .net should not arise, cuz java made that feature a part of IDE when .net was in its infancy.
3.CROSS PLATFORM INTEGRATION. . integration with other languages like perl, php or phython is achieved in java, these are not sun's creation but independent open source products so u cant present a point that they ve same creator. I can take my php script that can talk to java and run in windows and i can finally place it in linux box and ve ma work done without spending a single coin. . CAN .NET DO IT??
4. Java has retra mature and robust products that support mapping of relational data bases to objects, like top link and coco base. There is no such took in .net. And now microsoft has added something called objectspace and that too in beta, NOT MATURe enough to entrust intelligent users.
5. More deployment options with java!
There are more ways to deploy your application, like java offers you applet, webstart, x windows, midlet. What about .net? I dont know so please tell me.
6. Java applications can be compiled in one platform and run in other.
Now consider this in visual studio, .net and .net sdk ve strict user license agreement that code compiled with these cant run in non microsoft environment! Why???
I would not appreciate your views of marketing here. Lets talk engineering for God sake.
7. Java programmers and developers are ten times more in demand than .net. . You ll end up working in highly volatile environment with 10java guys and they are mad i tell u, cuz they dont drag and drop.
Suggestions and corrections are welcome!

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