Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*+Kashmir unrest and status of minorities+*

Northern most governed part of india is on boil again and like always we dont find any help from anyone. Year 2008 saw massive protests, infact the largest uprising after 47 in india, but why did it fizz out?? Reasons unknown!!
Year 2010
'LAck Of vision and mission'
I am really sorry if it sounds bit harsh that i am calling this movement without mission and vision, i am no scholar no historian, i am just a common kashmiri living away from his land. I am really disappointed and feel sad about the way things are shaping in kashmir. It is good to know that protests finally are not instigated but spontaneous and we do ve back up from all of india's civil society after a long long time, Do WE WANT IT TO fizz OUT LIKE 2008!!
Some may argue that 08 laid basis for what is happening today, i would slightly disagree because now every tom dick and harry knows that the phase was political which resulted in nothing but losses. This time things are different, and thats really appreciable if we can get something good out of it. ,
i am part of SGPC youth faction (it is one of the governing authorities for sikhs) and after maintaining a long spell of silence i speak. After detailed discussions with the minorities and series of meetings with people over past one month, there are certain things that we want to make clear to each and every person with stone in hand demanding freedom!
I know kashmir has been the best example of religious harmony and many would even argue that the movement is not communal, it is purely movement of people, but my interaction with minority people shows a different page altogether. There are certain things that majority community will have to realise very soon if they dont want 2010 to fizz out like 08.
Homing about 8k sikhs in different parts and pandits as well as hindu's kashmir presents really good picture of religious tolerance. I feel proud that even after migration of pandits we were able to maintain our good picture in d eyes of world but now things are changing, now i wont just pick up a single hair cutting incident that raised brows around globally spread sikhs and other communities as well. .
I was in direct contact with the district committee of my town baramulla when this incident occured, soon a meeting was called up in jammu to review the situation and press note was released condemning the incident and clearly mentioning that it should not affect brotherhood in valley! Then we had series of assurances coming from all sections of society including hurriyat conf. Sikhs took it as one unfortunate thing and tried to move on but then review of different sections of sikhs yielded following. .
1.Most of the sikhs in valley are beleived to be an obstacle hindering something called azadi.
True they may be because we never were protesting against hindu's or any community and i as a person never felt imprisoned there, yes there were human rights violations there still are and we protest that! The view of sikhs that they are hindrance for the cause of azadi is creating tensions which need to be eased. The meetings of sikhs with gilani or any other did not discuss this, it is an issue.
2. Sikhs have not contributed to the cause of kashmir. .
I wonder how that is true, we work for same govt as majority does. From past 3months the plight of sikhs is same as majority, all are house arrested, education has suffered equally for both.
There are points that one of the members of sgpc has gathered after his visits to twin villages of dardpora and rafiabad, they wil be made public in next post.
I on behalf of the whole sikhs community of jammu and kashmir request and urge majority community to keep the movement away from religion. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh


  1. well said bro!! We need people like you in the majority community aslo though i am very sure that there are many but in this wave we are not able to see them..But ya the incidences that followed the hair cuuting incident esp in baramulla and very serious and need to be addressed..i have been commenting on many forums and i can surely see a change in the Muslim perspective now..Bro things have changed it seem!!

  2. Thank you amarjeet! I beleive we should handle things with care and peace among us all should be top priority, rest everything will follow