Monday, September 6, 2010

Awesome mornings start with hukumnama!!

I Loved this piece of gurbani!
I woke up this morning and like always checked on my cell before goin on for morning prayers, and there i saw this jewel of golden words from shri guru garanth sahib ji!
~~soohee>fifth mehla
Renouncing everything, i have come to the Lords sanctuary: save me, o my Savior Lord!
Whatever YOU link me to, to that I am linked: what can this poor creature do?||1|| O my dear Lord God, YOU are the inner knower, the searcher of hearts.
Be merciful to me, o divine, compassionate Lord, that i may constantly sing YOUR glorious prayers||1||pause||
renouncing self-conceit, i have become the dust of all men's feet, in this way i die while i am alive if not for YOU||2||
How fruitful is the life of that being in this world who chants name in saadh sangat(company of holy). All desires are fulfilled, for one who is blessed with God's kindness and mercy||3||
O Merciful to the meek, Kind and Compassionate Lord, i seek Your refuge. Take pity on me and bless me with YOUR name.
Nanak is the dust of the feet of holy||4||11||58||

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