Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy birthday to me. . A review of happy moments!

9th september, 6pm i get to know from one of my friend and mentor Amir gulzar(regional manager, Ranbaxy int) that there is a surprise in store for me and i better stay with them at their villa, we call it friends villa, i have loads of friends there who do not share college with me but have helped me become what i am. I reached there at 7pm and found everything silent i mean i doubted if anyone else except amir knew about my birthday or it ll be a waste. I talked to sanjiv(mba final yr), mir irfhan (lawyer in jammu high court) vishi bro and Saurabh ma buddy! In a moment i found Ishant entering door with lots of movie dvd's in hand and in his typical tone said,"jaldi jaldi choose karo".! We selected two movies for the night, 'SALT' and 'INCEPTION'. . Now it was all boy zone and i had promised ma sis that i ll be celebrating with her only. Anyways let me come straight to the event, upto 12 we had finished watching one movie and as it stuck 12, i got attacked on all sides from these fellows, they picked me up, threw me up in air, kicked me and finally dropped me hard. . If not for ma birthday i would ve slapped them. . Ma best fren saved me from further torture, she called in at right time and i went off to talk to her. I came down after ten minutes, cut the cake and they danced and cheered for me. . It was really amazing moment. I got calls from friends but missed most of them cuz of celebrations that we were on for. Amir us all out for ice cream at mid night and we came back without it after searching gole market. . Lol:)
I have some of the best people in world as frens. As i lay in ma bed, i logged in to social networking sites and found wishes all around. Thank you so much for wishing. May God bless you all.
Ma alarm rang exactly at 4am and after a shower, i started out with prayers and then went to jog with amir n saurabh.
After a heavy breakfast i turned back to ma place and di was kind of angry but anyhow she gave me a really beautiful gift and hugged me tight! I love you di. :-)
and then i spent ma whole day with di, uncle aunty and cousins, we went off to bahu fort and enjoyed lots, even tried for movie tickets but being friday we were unsuccessful. :-( housefull dabang. .
I just returned back and hey its eid as well na, i really feel blessed to have celebrated ma birthday on eid.
I still have some treats pending for the evening. . . Will catch up with ma buddies and party. ,
thank you all for wishing and God bless you.

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